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    as many of you know we own a heap of ju8nk called swift escape 624 have had lots of trouble with tyres leaking fresh water tank blinds that do not operate screws on cupboards and the cabinet under the sink in bathroom always soaking wet is there any unfortunate owner on the forum who has one of these not cheap but nasty motors I have now put in th hands of the tradi8ng standards officer swift have said they wood pay to replace the blinds they would send them to me still waiting and they would pay under warranty by the time I get them that's if they send them I will proberly be out of warrantywith the problems with my tyres I was advised to get an independent tyre engineer to inspect them just waiting for the trading standards officer I have an appointment next week whats a week when I have had this for two years regards to everyone pamdelc
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    Please don't be offended by this - I am really trying to help. What strikes me from your posts is you have a real problem expressing yourself and describing what the problems are. I think this may be a contributing factor in why you have put up with a lot of problems on this van for the best part of two years and been given the run-around by the dealer.

    It sounds to me as if you needed to grab the dealer warmly round the throat a long time ago but it may not be too late to start. It is the dealer you have the contract with. Time is probably running out with respect to warranty so I think you need to act fast and you need someone to act on your behalf.

    You could try Citizens Advice but they are normally pretty busy these days sorting out peoples' debts but if you can get some advice from them it would certainly help but what I really think you should do is go and speak with a solicitor. You will then get someone who will do the arguing on your behalf and that I think is what you need.

    It won't cost anything to explain your problem to a solicitor and they should then be able to give you advice on what they could do on your behalf next. The cost should not be great compared to the cost of the vehicle and certainly it will be a fraction of what you will lose if you try and sell it now.
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    I agree. Trading Standards will not get involved and fight your case for you. All they will do is give advice on how you can do it. And your rights are always with the dealer who sold you the van, because that is who your contract is with.
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    I have Swift Escapes on the Hire Fleet and I dont have problems with them.

    Dont understand your tyre problems as the X250 chassis has never had a problem with tyres, its a mass produced commercial under many differennt brands


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