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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by mojo, Nov 6, 2013.

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    Our Oyster tv has been poor this year in Spain.Using this forum we have tried the website filmon which has worked well.However this uses up everyones bandwidth on site,antisocial.I intend to buy a mifi on our return to the UK but my question is can I use a sim purchased in whatever country I am touring to keep costs sensible ?
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    Yes, but best bought before you go using the internet. There is a previous thread on here all about it... Mitch
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    Purchasing a SIM in each country you visit can often be the most economical way of accessing data if you intend to stay in that country for at least a month. You tend to find that you purchase a block of data - eg 1Gb - which you can use over a 30 day period like you can do at home.

    Our EuropaSIM will work anywhere in Europe for the same daily rate of €3 (currently £2.52) for "Unlimited*" data: http://www.motorhomewifi.com/catalog/3g/ and will give you the best possible signal, since it is not bound to a single network provider - you can manually roam onto any other operator you wish. You are only charged for the days you use it - so if you use it while in transit to another country or a couple of times a week it works out pretty good value.

    There are however two issues that you will have with regards to attempting to watch TV via 3G:

    1.) The speed will vary greatly depending on your proximity to the mast, the number of other users and their usage. You will find you will connect using varying degrees of GPRS/3G and while you will likely always have an internet connection it will not always be fast enough to watch TV.

    2.) The data you consume by watching TV will also be great. *While our EuropaSIM is "Unlimited" once you exceed 500Mb you will find speeds will slow which will prevent you doing anything other than browsing. Likewise with a local SIM you will find that 1Gb package that was supposed to last you 30 days could expire as fast as 30 minutes if you're not careful!

    Of course there is the issue of not being resident in the UK, which you can get around using FilmOn for now or a VPN or similar.

    Can I commend you for your attitude with regards to site WiFi. Sadly, I think it will already be oversubscribed this year with people attempting to access TV.

    All the best,

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    you can get your mifi unlocked and use a local sim purchased whatever country you happen to be in, but they do tend to be expensive compared to the UK.
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    I bought a Le french mobile sim card,40 euros for the sim, and 20 euros per 100mb, very expensive, only lasted 3 days so got rid.
    Then i read on this forum about joe mobile.
    i now use joe mobile , free sim and 20 euros for 3GB. in an unlocked mifi.. Both these sims were only for france, but le french mobile do a any eu country one which is even more expensive.

    Do a search for joe mobile, or someone might have the link.
    email alex at joe mobile and he sends you sim asap.
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