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    Goole funster top up and elsan point
    I have only one leisure battery I want to put a another leisure battery ten cell traction battery
    taking in to consideration for venting of gas using a big ammo box with vent to atmosphere and all that but watt size of cabal to hook up to original leisure battery approx. two meters I have welding cabal I was thinking off using or is that too much
    thank's in advance bill:thumb:
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    The chances are that the original wiring will be the limiting factor.

    You can't do any harm using that welder cable. If you are happy with it, use it I say!:BigGrin:

    It is best practice to ensure both your batteries are of equal size and condition. Usually available space dictates battery size and not using 'best practices' doesn't mean it won't work!

    Your batteries should be OK together so long as they aren't massively different! Are you sure that new battery has 10 cells?:Eeek: That would make it a 20 volt one! Obviously we need 12 volts here!:BigGrin:

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