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    The teacher in class said to the kids if there were 5 birds on a fence and u shot 1 off the fence how many would be left ,? And tommy stood up and said none miss? The noise of the shot would scare the other birds away, she said I like your way of thinking but the answer is 4 tommy said miss , if you seen 3 ladies eating ice cream 1 was licking the outside of the cornet all round.the2nd lady was chomping down on the ice cream and sticking her tongue into the cornet ,and the 3rd was just licking the ice cream as it was melting .....can u tell me which one is married...the teacher says well tommy it's got to be the one that chomps down on the cornet..tommy says well miss its actually the one with wedding ring on ..BUT I LIKE THE WAY YOUR THINKING.:thumb:
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