Jersey, busy or what.!!

Discussion in 'France' started by Welsh girl, Sep 8, 2015.

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    After touring France we decided to take the ferry to Jersey from St Malo, it's like going to Brighton its so busy is a shock after France where everywhere is shut on Mondays, Sundays, Saturday's. ..where all the roads are quiet the roads here are chocker block and its funny driving on the left again after 3 months driving on the right. It's really Cheap here too, except for the campsite which we must use. And it's strange hearing English spoken everywhere and even the bus drivers understand us. Oh must stock up on English T bags etc before we continue on to Spain next week. Already bought mint sauce which can't be bought anywhere in France. Bought a local sim card £5 for 500mb from 'sure' that'll do me for the week.
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