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Discussion in 'All the Rest' started by robsons, Oct 6, 2008.

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    My Mobilvetta Euroyacht based on Iveco Daily 2.8 turbo deisel had a sudden loss of power on motorway yesterday.
    Son was driving but said that heard a clunk then complete loss of power. Brought home on low loader. I use a local mechanic who is away at moment so just wondered if anyone had any thoughts .......
    Query cam shaft drive belt? Mechanic who broguth home suggested but this was changed less than 15000 miles ago.:Sad:
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    Aug 26, 2008
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    Weve got an Iveco Daily 2.8td Van Conv and we had the same problem last year on the way to Skeg

    Ours slowed down to abouth 15mph and wouldnt accellerate - scannong through all the bumph it turned out to be driving in SafeMode after being Towed Home it was actully the Fan belt Tensioner had seized as this belt goes around the Waterpump Crank and Alternator which in turn caused the van to go in SafeMode - our mechaninc said as there loads of sensors everywhere the ECU had detected a problem and shut down the engine

    Do you have any lights on the Dash or anything? I know there a light for everything on ours???

    You shold be able to see of the Cambelt has gone - have a squizz round with a torch

    Hope this helps


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