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    For a while now I've been envious of those who can run 240v hairdryers when off hook-up, and having waded through a good few threads on the subject I think that Craig's method of connecting an inverter to the cab battery is the solution that will work best for me.

    My hairdryer is 800w and I would use it for around 5 mins with the engine running. Would an 800w inverter be adequate or should I go for a 1000w to have a bit of spare capacity? And any recommendations for the brand of inverter I should get (modified sine will be fine)?

    Also would the alternator keep pace with the hairdryer in use or would I need to continue running the engine for a while after I stop using the hairdryer to replace the charge used? Van has Fiat Ducato 3L engine.

    Any advice appreciated. :Smile:
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    a 1000w inverter would be better, or even bigger if possible, as it wont be working as hard so not getting overloaded.

    just because an inverter is rated at 2000w doesnt mean you have to run something at 2000w.
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