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    We have just returned from three months travelling in France in our Bailey motorhome, fitted with a Gemini 7590T2-1 alarm. We had bought the van second hand, with the alarm already fitted. The van supplier was pretty useless on explaining how the alarm worked and, as anyone who has seen the Gemini instructions will know, they are themselves unfathomable to anyone not versed in Vulcan.

    We had a problem in France when turning off the alarm in the morning (the internal sensors having been turned off in the night). If, after turning off the alarm and opening the habitation door, you then failed to open a cab door, the alarm would trigger. We both forgot to do this, on occassions, much to the alarm (no pun intended) of ourselves and neighbours. So, we tried changing the settings using the fob and the instructions and managed to leave the alarm in a state that would no longer lock the habitation door and our confidence in the alarm working correctly, was gone.

    Searching this forum, we came across references (all favourable) to Carl Meyer of Outsmart the Thief. We noticed that his business is located very close to York where we live so I thought that I'd take the van round there on our return and see whether they could fix the problem.

    Today, I telephoned Outsmart the Thief and spoke to Mr Meyer, explaining in my longwinded layman's terms, the problem. Mr Meyer listened patiently (which in itself must have been difficult) and then went through over the phone possible explanations and remedies. His first concern was to ensure that I didn't spend money unneccesarily and explained that they are a call-out business, but suggested that before them coming out and incurring expense, I try a number of things first.

    I explined that due to the van being kept in storage I wouldn't be able to try the proposed remedies right away. Mr Meyer's repsonse was to simply try his suggestions when we can and, if no joy, to simply ring him again and he'd try and resolve the problem(s) over the phone.

    Now the point of this missive ( I bet you were wondering) is just to say that although the problem hasn't yet been solved, how refreshing it is to find someone, running a business, prepared to help first and foremost and not to see the problem as an opportunity to make money. I am happy to pay for his services if they are necessary and to recommend this business to anyone having a problem with their motorhome alarm. Another thumbs up to Carl Meyer and his business. Probably the best alarm installer in the word!

    I'll post again on the progress of our alarm problem when I've tried Mr Meyer's suggestions.
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    We have the Outsmart the Thief system installed on our MH. We find it works brilliantly and Carl is always on the end of the phone to offer any help or advice, or when we've forgotten to set the alarm off by mistake :doh:
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    I have the outsmart the thief alarm fitted. It works BUT, in Germany a few weeks ago i set it off. No phone call. During the next couple of weeks set it off twice but the phone call took over 10 minutes in which time someone could have taken everything. On the last van I had the text calling which was instant.

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