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    My girlfriend and I purchased our first motorhome this year, a 1995 Peugeot Boxer Holdsworth Tempo. Today was the fist day I tried to get to grips with everything in the motorhome. I'm not sure if I am doing anything wrong, but I could not see to get the water coming out of the taps. I tried running the van using the leisure battery and off the engine battery, I'm pretty sure the pump was running as I could feel it vibrating. The water tank was 1/2 full and the pump was switched on! Any help would be grarefully recieved as I don't know if I've over looked anything

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    hi and welcome.

    check that there isn't any water coming out from under the van as the water boiler could have its drain open if it has been drained off for the winter.

    alternatively the pump itself could be faulty again from winter as they split internally so don't always leak but wont build up pressure to force the water out of the taps.

    also sometimes it just takes a little while to get the water out of the taps depending on where the pump is in relation to everything else and airlocks are common you could try sucking on one of the taps just to help but the pump should change note between pumping air and pumping water.

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