Help to identify water filter cartridge

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    I bought a water filter kit from a car boot sale a while back to fit into the PVC we had at the time as the existing kitchen tap was within the sink which meant opening the lid every time we wanted to fill the kettle etc, but as there was very little worktop it was a pain, so I intended to fit just the tap I'd bought as I wasn't interested in the cartridge bit. However, since we changed PVCs last year the kitchen tap is outside the sink so I don't need it.

    The problem is that I haven't got a cue what the filter is so I can't sell it until I do ... I've had a 'google' to try to identify it but to no avail ... I never knew there were so many versions of water filter kits out there!!!! :rolleyes: It could be a fluoride, heavy metals, chlorine etc, filter so I want to ensure I know what I'm selling! If the filter part isn't needed then it's not a problem but most people will want it I suspect! I think it might be an Everpure or Aquapure one ... but then I could be wrong!
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