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Discussion in 'Rally Planning Discussion and Chat' started by Terry and Nicola, Apr 21, 2010.

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    HI ALL
    Planning a week end at Haydock Park 19 june never been before poss friday and saturday night . Ten off us going hoping to take motorhome and some tents has any one been to Haydock Park before is there a camp site near by or in the grounds at Haydock Park we can camp :thumb:
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    Moving around
    Terry, Don't know offhand of anywhere but will keep thinking. Not sure about actually on the course grounds itself.

    However, if you get really stuck, then Carr Mill is five minutes up the East Lancs Road from there (heading towards Liverpool) and if you turn into the Waterside Hotel and drive down the road there by the large reservoir dam (which you can walk round if the weather nice .... lots of feathered birds) I am sure no-one would stop you from staying overnight down there. The road is quite narrow - one van and one car width - but if you keep going about 300 yards there is a place where you could turn one at a time to go back.

    In the meantime I will keep racking my brains. I'm sure there must be a camping site nearby other than going towards Southport way.

    Edit. Since typing the above have realised that Truckfest always have camping there for their meetings so there MUST be camping in the actual race course area. Hope you have a lovely time.
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    Other than for special events (like truckfest) there is no camping at haydock park sorry to say. Nearest sites are at Culcheth 2 cl/cs one is cc the other c&cc, or one in lowton down Slag lane near the canal not sure which club it belongs to. If going in to a race meet you could take the m/home and park in the carpark for the day.

    Then again it might be that no-one has ever asked to camp there you could always ring and ask

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