Going up North in a couple of weeks

Discussion in 'UK Touring' started by Allanm, Jan 19, 2015.

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    Cotes d'armor, France
    We will be venturing north of the Thames in a couple of weeks. The plan is to go up to Scotland possibly stopping in and around the Lake District for a few days on the way. Final destination ( weather and snow permitting) will be Glencoe.
    Never been up there in a motor home before, so we are looking for someone to recommend a few good stopovers. Don't mind Britstops or aires, not keen on campsites, even if any are open this time of year, unless absolutely necessary.
    Any ideas?
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    North Wales.
    If you have not already have a look at DavidG57 thread "Durness it is decision made" lots of good current information . It is ongoing at the moment a very good read to.

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    Near St. Austell, Cornwall
    If you're not already following it I think that you could pick up a lot of useful information from DavidG58's terrific thread 'Durness it is'.

    He is currently on an expedition in Scotland with his companion, Lola the dog.

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    Bolsover, Derbyshire
    You are not really heading to where I have been this time, below the border you have little choice apart from Brit Stops type if you don't want sites although we have stopped at a good few pubs and just asked if we can stay overnight if we eat, not been turned down yet, just been sensible with where to park. Have usually sussed out suitable locations and car park sizes on line before getting there, have even rung a couple in advance. I would say that some sites CC included are quite good value at this time of year

    Above the border you have more options

    Most of the borders towns seem to have adopted a more welcoming approach to motor homes, we use Jedburgh, but more recently stopped in Dumfries, although I do know that was under a few feet of flood water last week

    Further north 'wild' or as I prefer to call it 'free camping' is accepted, even if it a 'stretch' of the wilding laws

    I have read somewhere on here recently that parking at the ski centre in Glen Coe is allowed and with options for hook up

    It was -10C this morning at 09:00 and is already -8.5C tonight, I am further north at Grantown on Spey but probably similar to Glen Coe

    Hopefully other more local members will add their bit, I have been coaxed along nicely over the last 2 weeks

    I hope you have as much fun as I have (y)
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    Isle of Wight
    Not sure how far you want to travel on the first day but a fantastic stop over for a night is The Park Gate Inn, Cannock. Their web site is http://www.theparkgatepub.com/. The food is beyond belief and the price is so low I couldn't believe it. I know its not too far from you but well worth a try. Just ring and let them know if you want to stay.

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