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    Nov 18, 2011
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    Goole funster top up and elsan point
    was siting on the sete when there was a big bang follow by the living room door flying open and a dig black lump flying across the room right on top of me
    i have never seen the dog that upset by anything
    shaking panting tale between the legs he has never liked fire works but this incandescent has scared him out of his skin
    cant even get him to leave the living room he never gets in his place is in the utility room
    any one recommend a sedative i can give him over the counter from the vets
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    Oct 24, 2015
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    Fareham, Hants
    Not sure of the exact name but there is a plug in device that gives off the smell of a mothers pheramone. We have used it in the past with our saluki and it worked very well and we got it from pets at home. There are also recordings of fireworks and loud noises that you can play and increase volume as your dog gets used to them. Never used those before, but the forum I used to use recommended them highly. Fortunately having two labradors now, they are tolerant of bangs and loud noises and have never been worried by fireworks. Hope you get you dog sorted soon.

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