Finally managed to top up PAYG mobile wifi (EE network)

Discussion in 'Web Connections' started by Puddleduck, Jul 13, 2016.

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    Having gone round and round in circles trying to top up my PAYG EE mobile network I found a "work round" that's a bit of a fiddle but appears to work :)

    I topped up "someone else's number" (even though it was mine) as a one off on the top-up page and then converted the £5 top up into data.

    I have tried to register the device with EE both online and via their help(less) customer couldn't-care-less line.

    "You will need to register it"
    "I know I have been trying to"
    "Can you give me your number"
    "That number is not registered, you will need to register, can I have your details"
    Details given as requested
    "Those details are already registered"
    "I KNOW!!!!! That is why I am calling you."
    "Can you give me your number"

    After going through that twice I hung up.

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