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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by freelanderuk, Jan 6, 2011.

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    i have just had to replace the expansion tank on the engine due to one of the inlet pipes cracking in the cold , on removal i found that the rear pipe had been chaffing on a bracket and if left i would have lost all the cooling water , all replaced at a cost of £63 including antifreeze, started the engine up and there was a horrible noise as though a bearing had gone.

    the van was booked for its service so i took it to them and told them about the noise, they found the problem while doing the service , it appears that part of the timing belt cover had cracked and and a piece of it was caught on the alternator belt causing the noise and cutting threw the belt, they rectified the problem and replaced the belt FOC ,
    apart from the chafing pipe the other problems have happened within this cold spell

    my engine is the 2.8jtd and if you wish to check your rear water pipe its located at the back of the expansion tank with a bracket right next to it
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    Why did the garage replace the belt FOC ? They're not cheap. Did they replace the timing belt cover FOC as well? Just curious.

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