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    Hi there has been alot on here recently on upgradeing motorhome weights but what happens if a motorhome has already been upgraded from 3.5 to 3.8 but now needs to be down graded to 3.5 again is this an easy process or could there be lots of problems and how long would this take before you could legually drive it.

    thanks Teresa
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    Really simple.

    You just fill in the new weight you want in section 7 of your V5 and send it back to the DVLA. As long as it's lower than the current one you can choose anything you like. You don't need any supporting documents.

    Some things to be aware of though:

    In your example there would be an additional VED (road tax) charge to pay as you would be dropping from PHGV which is fixed at £165, to PLG which will certainly be higher than that for a van.

    Secondly if it was uprated to 3.8 it was probably done for a reason i.e. lack of payload. It's down to you to make sure the vehicle will still be usable and legal at the new weight.

    Finally if you change your mind and want to take it back to 3.8 later you need to start again. The fact that it's been at that weight before counts for nothing. You will need to go through the whole process with the help of someone like SVTech all over again with the associated costs.
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