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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by Stewart J, Jan 6, 2011.

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    SW Northumberland
    Good evening funsters (and nutters :RollEyes:) thinking of a trip to Jutland, anyone been? can't find any links but it looks a nice place, so has anyone done it and any advice or suggestions?

    Would be June 2011 to coincide with my leave, sightseeing, birding etc. Harwich to Esberg using DFDS, any tips on how to get discounted ferry fares would really be appreciated, coming out at just over £600 return for 2 adults and MH (ouch!)

    Stewart :thumb:
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    Norfolk and Toftir.
    We spent a month there on one fishing site in the mid '90's so info from then will be a bit dated but a lovely country with good open roads and little traffic, very friendly and nearly all will speak English, my wife speaks Danish but didn't bother there! Lovely sandy beach coastline and some lovely old towns to visit. Ribe while you're near Esbjerg is a must.

    Last year we travelled to Esbjerg to catch a ferry to the Faroes but like you were put off by the Danish Seaways prices, or is it DFDS again? We ended up going Harwich/Hook of Holland and doing a 500 mile drive through Germany which took us about 11 hours with the odd stop. 95% motorway although we had a couple of hold ups.

    We paid £350 with Stena but it was still better than DFDS as it gave us a nights sleep prior to the drive and Harwich/Esbjerg would have meant the cost of a couple of nights in Denmark given their alternate day sailing schedule. Having said all that we were in a car so in a motorhome you could consider a channel crossing, comparitively cheap, and spend 2 or 3 days reaching Jutland.

    We picked up a few camping books and brochures at the NEC in October with the intention of a MH holiday ourselves. They say they don't allow wild camping but I've been told on here that it does go on, even so plenty of good camp sites. Have a look at and no doubt others will be on with advice. :Smile:
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    Hi,Denmark is a super country for motorhoming,free camping everywhere last time I was there in 2005.
    If it was me I would use the Dover Dunkirk ferry which is cheap and transit Germany,stopping off for a weekend in Hamburg.Its not so far overland,and time wise is possibly about the same as the long sea crossing.Good motorway links all the way up to Fredrishaven if you want to go that far up.Cost wise it would be cheaper on the overland route through Germany and plenty of stellplats on route so dont worry about the price of campsites.
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