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    Hi Funsters :Sad:

    I have a Autotrail Apache 700 SE (2004) . On checking the van today, I have found damp on the lower part of the rear wall under the seating area. There is a dark line running from left to right and then travelling upwards at the right hand corner (rear locker door area). It seems to be following the superstructure. I think that water is getting in via the rear locker door. Has anybody else had this problem and how easy is it to fix this problem. Is it a common fault on the model that I have.
    I am worried that this is going to turn into a nightmare of a job.

    Your help and advise will be greatly accepted.

    Green Machine
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    are there any soft furnishings against the wall affected ?

    if there is then move them away from the wall/back end

    this is the usual culprit for a wet wall and if the wind is blowing against that corner it could be worse there than on the back wall.
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    Hi GM,more detail and if poss pics needed :thumb:
    It could be an easy fix :thumb: but :Eeek: be aware that on some 2005 / 6 models both Swift and Autotrail have had / got problems with the floors rotting and steps falling off resulting that they needed new floors :Eeek::cry:Both co's eventually admitted the fault and did the work free of charge, but that was a couple of years back with a promise that each van would be looked at individually.
    It's cause was said to be that they had not sealed the side skirts :Doh::cry: thus allowing water to run down the side of the van and soak into the floor edges that eventually soaked it way all other the floor. Everyone who had there vans done were sworn to secrecy :Rofl1: :BigGrin: ( I think more thankful that they got there vans done :Wink: ) so as not to de-value the brands :Rofl1::Doh:
    Check all the floor :thumb: and that the side skirts are sealed :thumb: After that if you are confident that it is coming from the locker door check that the hinges are not strained/ bent and the seals are OK. you may get away with either bending the hinges( be careful they are ali and can snap easy )so the door seals onto the seal or tighten the door catch again so that the door seals.:thumb:You can also try sticking a draft excluder strip onto the seal to pad it out- the rubber self adhesive type from B & Q type places.On ce you have sorted where the water is getting in start drying the floor out and hope it has not gone pappy or that will need replacing,then it becomes a major job
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    Ho Green Machine, Listen to Terry, he knows his stuff. One thing I would suggest is getting it looked at. I had a little damp in my Locker door on both of my Vans. One with in 3 years old on a CI that I ended up fixing myself, and again on my current van.
    If it's spotted early enough, then rectifying it could be quite simple. Garage and lockers are know for it as often the ingress is through bad sealing of the locker doors, on my current van it was no more than a rubber perrished and allowing water in and then that water finding its way to the bottom of the garage floor.

    Why not get a report done by a dealer or repairer?

    That should be the first step and you will then know what and how much you are dealing with.:thumb:

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