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    I don't regard myself as a van spotter but I can assemble a definitive guide to van identification, so here goes:-

    1) If it turns right at a roundabout from the left hand lane without indication it's a Mercedes Sprinter.
    2) If it is abandoned on the roadside rather than neatly parked again it's a Sprinter.
    3) If you are following it and it wanders all over the road because the driver is on the phone it's a Renault Traffic.
    4) If it only has one headlight it is probably a VW T5.
    5) If it has one headlight and in the fast lane then it's a Transit.
    6) If sweet wrappers are thrown from the window whilst moving it's a Renault.
    7) If the van is stationary and sweet wrappers are thrown from the window it's a Transit flat bed.
    8) If it has an irritated driver shouting obscenities it will be a Transit.
    9) If it is covered in dirt with rude diagrams drawn in the muck it's a Sprinter.
    10) If the driver is testing his horn for no apparent reason other than he is on the bumper of the car in front it's a Renault.
    11) If the van is less than a year old yet every panel is dented it's a Transit
    12) If you spot a van where the indicators only work once the front wheels have already turned or they only work once extreme pressure is forced on the brakes it's a Renault Traffic.

    So there you go....perhaps I am a closet van spotter after all :xdoh:

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