Clitheroe Couple, Where are you now ?

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Denny, Feb 17, 2010.

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    I'm taking the liberty of posting this again just in case anybody can help us contact a lovely couple we met in Guines last summer.
    They live in or near CLITHEROE, Lancashire, and their names are GAVIN & JEAN or JOAN, I'm sorry I can't say which for sure. We met in the Aldi store and stayed on the La Belle Peche camp site as Bien Assise was full up.
    We owe them some hospitality as they invited us to share their evening meal with them and their son & daughter, and we REALLY WOULD like to return the favour !
    You know how it is when you really hit it off with someone, then forget to ask for a contact number or E-mail address. We had to leave at 3 am. to catch a Eurotunnel train.
    We meet lots of nice people when travelling but these were particularly easy to gel with and we would love to make contact again.
    It was their first trip in their brand new motorhome, maybe an Autorail, and they had ventured down to the south of france with two elderly ladies on board.
    Does anybody know them ?
    Denny & Ann.
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    Kath and I are easy to get along with, we would love a free meal, where do you live? :thumb:

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