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Discussion in 'GPS Navigation' started by Feltwell, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Well, not totally inept, more just never had the inclination to learn properly! Put this up earlier in "chat" section, then spotted this one.....

    I've got one of the Nozatec truck sat navs, was looking to add a few bits before going abroad in a few weeks.

    Firstly, French Aires - I see there is a file in the resources section that says:-

    this zip contain the kml and bmp files for the aires poi for the chinese satnav.
    extract the files and copy the .kml file into the content/userdata/poi folder and the .bmp files into the content/userdata/usericon folder and restart the satnav.

    Trouble is, I don't have those folders. Under "content" there is no userdata folder. There is a POI folder, which is where I presume the .kml file goes - but there is no "usericon" folder - just these:-


    So, any idea where the bmp files go?

    Secondly, is there another similar file for German Stellplatz?

    Lastly, what's the best way of entering addresses when on the Continent? Use co-ordinates, or are postcodes supported (going to France, Germany & Switzerland)?

    I presume the map update issue on these has not been resolved. Mine date from 2013, I doubt too many new roads have gone in since then.

    Any help gratefully received!

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