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    Don't go to the Malta Campsite it is a complete disaster and you'll be ripped off. It looks great or did look great from the photos on the website. Rather run down now - lack of investment. No restaurant of coffee shop. If you camp anywhere you shouldn't the owner of the Malta Campsite will shop you to the authorities and you'll be fined. Malta is a very small island.!!:Eeek: The bus stop is 2 miles away in the heat its a killer of a walk or you have to pay 5.00€ for a ride to the bus stop.

    The Scout Camp on the other hand is basic but near Golden Bay for those that know the Island - there are restaurants and snacks available very close by and a very friendly place indeed. Check this out

    Here are a couple of links worth a read before embarking on Wild camping, or motor home visit in Malta.

    Hope this helps. Read some reviews on camping in Malta!!!
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    The campsite you link to seems to be a tents only site?


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