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Discussion in 'Heating and Air-Conditioning' started by MarkieMark, Sep 20, 2010.

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    Complete newbie question so please bear with me....

    I have just purchased an 04 Eura Mobil (Fiat Ducato chassis), and it comes with the (I believe) Truma Blown Air heating (there are a number of outlets around the van that blow warm air).

    I know it works fine on 'hook up', but when I am 'out and about', I won't have the luxury of hook up (although I will have a generator supplying 240 V power for some of the time - but not overnight)

    1. I assume the heating works from the 12V circuit (leisure battery source)?
    2. How long can I expect to get from the battery (I have been told this system will drain the battery quickly)?
    3. Do you have the heating on thru the night on a Motorhome in winter(or are they 'good' at holding in the heat)?

    Kind Regards,
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    Got the same problem - have blown air heating as well.
    I was told by Ash :notworthy: just to leave the heating on low all the time, so my dial goes up to number 9, I left it on 3 all night and in the morning untill i got dressed,which nicely kept the chill off without being too warm.
    I suppose that using it this way, its just ticking over, and if worst comes to worst, you can run your engine a while?

    I have also been told by several others that they leave the hot water on all the time, as this works on gas, which I find does warm the water up.
    Would be interested in others response,

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    Recon the heating works the same as mine.

    You will have a thermostat somewhere black dot about 20 mm diameter that will sence the temp.

    The scale that the heating is set at will be set to the thermostatic temp in the van.

    Yes it will run the battery down but I have found I can last a couple of days inthe coldest of last winter:Eeek: until the butane Gas froze that is :Doh:

    We warm the van as we need too at night then prepair our snug cocoon aka (fixed bed) and I have to get up in the AM to make the coffee and put the heating on:Wink:

    Find the van is as snug as a pair of bugs in two dozen rugs :Rofl1:

    Take Care
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    Hi Mark,

    1. Yes it the blown system will run from your 12v system.
    2. This really depends on the size and number of leisure batteries.
    3. Yes we sometime have the heating on low during night throughout the colder months. Note you can use the gas heating without the blown air system if running the battery down might be an issue for you.

    You do not say which specific model you have, but I assume you probably have the double floor so the the thermal insulation rating (for example grade 3 classification is rated down to -15 degrees C) of your van. You will however need to check the specs for your specific model.

    Edit to add propane is better than butane in cold whether has it has a lower freezing point.
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    YO11 2BD
    the fan and ignition circuit board will be 12v and the heating will be 230v or gas.

    the fan is the leccy killer...the faster the fan the more power it uses but if on hookup its not a problem as the batteries are charged. via the hookup.

    obviously, off hookup the fan will soon flatten your battery.

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