Avoiding A63 Tolls at Muret and Castets, S of Bordeaux

Discussion in 'France' started by Hagstrom, Sep 5, 2016.

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    I looked at the previous "Toll Costs" thread before deciding to start this one dedicated to these two tolls.

    There appears to be a short and direct route around these toll booths between (travelling south,) junctions 18/17 (Muret Toll) and 12/11 (Castets Toll), along the side of the A63. For us, over 3m high and 5.5 tons, these tolls are 15 euros each, so I traced the routes using Google Street View to search for a route traffic-signed to allow vehicles up to 7.5 tons.

    The detail of the top and bottom elements of these two routes is shown in the maps (as .pdfs). The mostly straight road between the top and bottom elements is not shown as it isn't particularly relevant.

    On Google Street View these routes are signed as only prohibited to vehicles over 7.5 tons. There are no traffic signs prohibiting vehicles over 3.5 tons. Has anyone got experience of the routes? The Google Streets data that I've used to look for weight restrictions is likely to be a couple of years out of date.

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    As an alternative to hugging the Toll road, you could consider the D947 (Route de Dax) turning right onto the Route de Cluquelardits to Herm and then onto onto the Ave de Ocean to Magescq where you can rejoin the dual carriageway. Longer I appreciate but far better than finding yourself on an unsuitable road.
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