Anyone got an awning for Majestic 175?

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by The Cruisers, Apr 28, 2016.

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    We tried to get a drive away awning for our 2013 Majestic 175 but no luck. The door is too close to the wind out shade and would be badly scraping the awning roof every time the door is opened. Johns Cross were pulling all the stops out trying to think of how one could be fitted without scraping the roof. We took the MH over to them but still they couldn't see a way round it. They also did their maths something to do with angles and lengths!!!!!

    Ideally we were looking for an Oxygen Movelite 3XL Air drive away awning but we got to the stage that any awning would do. Johns cross also thought of safari room and other things but the same problem - the door would still scrape the roof which they thought would be a real issue. They did wonder whether putting the awning up against the MH and instead of attaching it to the MH, throw the straps over the top of it and anchoring it on the opposite side. But they couldn't guarentee it would work as they obviously couldn't take the awning out of the packaging in case we didn't buy it. The only other alternative I thought would be not to actually attach the drive away awning but there might be the problem of being asked to pay for two units on a pitch. I could say we forgot to bring the joining strip I suppose.

    We came away really disappointed but pleased that Johns Cross had tried so hard to help. They lost a good sale but obviously we're totally honest with us.

    Has anyone got an awning that they use on a Majestic 175, is so what have you got. From previous posts I know there are a few people who have this MH

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