All-new Volkswagen T2 camper van at Danbury Motor Caravans

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    Yes, there are plenty of classic models on eBay right now and pretty much all the time. Condition varies and you'll almost certainly need to spend some time and money keeping it on the road and looking good. If that sounds like hard work, you can spend even more money on a new Volkswagen T2 camper van at Danbury Motor Caravans.

    Of course, there are pluses and minus. The big 'minus' is that this isn't an original classic and for many, that's going to be a big problem. As for the plus, well this is a new van from the VW factory in Brazil, with a fuel injected, water-cooled modern engine, complete with electronic ignition and a catalytic converter exhaust system, along with front servo assisted disc brakes and rear drum brakes, as well as the option to run on either bio fuel or unleaded petrol.

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    No discerning VW enthusiast would touch a Brazilian bus,the build quality is awful and the panels are very thin compared to the originals.Ive seen really rusty ones that are only 5-6 years old.If anyone wants a classic like this go for a Californian import,loads of importers about.

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