Advice on upgrading to second motorhome.

Discussion in 'The Beginner' started by jaykay, Jun 19, 2012.

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    Hi all,
    We have just sold our 1991 Landliner with a view to upgrading to a newer model.
    Our budget is around £15k and we would like the following:

    Fixed bed
    Minimum 4 berth
    A-class of low profile if possible.
    Decent lounge area
    Pretty modern diesel, maybe the 2.8 TD Fiat ?
    Power steering/cruise if possible.

    I know I will probably have to buy private, and I am fine with this.
    The wife likes the Hymers but I think a newish one (2000 on) will be out of range.

    I dont mind a LHD model as we intend doing europe as much as possible. I dont want an RV, but dont mind driving up to 25 feet long, and storage isnt an issue.
    So the question is, what would you guys recommend ?
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    Hi, having just upgraded to an A class from a coacbuilt I can appreciate what you are looking for. My only observation would be, unless you are very lucky, you will only manage the upgrade from a coachbuilt to an A class for that sort of money.
    Most A class I looked at privately of about 2000 were in the £20K mark and although in very good condition were beyond my price. Although there are a good few Hymers arouund 1995 for about £15K. Have a look on eBay of course but also try Gumtree and Preloved under motorhomes and you might like myself be lucky.
    Happy hunting


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