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    firstimers in Portugal with a Motorhome, we will be travelling from the Spanish border to Lagos, should we use the A22 all the way any idea how much and can we register at the border? or are the roads off the toll road ok to drive through to get to Lagos?
    Any advice appreciated if you have don't this route before
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    This explains all:


    Easiest way if you are crossing from Spain via Seville and the A49 is to register your vehicle at the well signposted booths just over the bridge, stop at line, card in machine wait for paper slip and off you go takes no time at all.

    If you want to take all day to get to Lagos, along a terrible road(N125) instead of a couple of hours on the A22 that would be down to your own priorities.....I know what I do.:)
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    Yes you can register at the border. Just put your credit card in to machine and it prints a receipt with your registration number on it. Just make sure you use the correct machine and don't pull in to the police area like I did. This lasts for 30 days and your credit card is charged each time you pass and automatic toll point. I can't remember the cost of tolls but there were no nasty surprises so it could not have been too bad. I also travelled back to Spain after 32 days and there were no problems but this could have been just luck.
    I think the A22 is the quickest route to Lagos and I used it last year, to Lagos,with a slight detour to Falesia. You won't see much traffic as nobody uses toll roads.
    Travelled a bit of the N125 ok but rough in places and somebody told me the N125 is one of the most dangerious roads in Portugal.
    I am sure others will have different views and give alternatives if you want to take your time.
    Edit- @matamoros posted while was typing. I wish I could touch type
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