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  1. Clive Bedford
    Clive Bedford
    Just bought a new Tracker EKS
  2. Ehannan
    Live life with a smile not a frown
  3. Quick Quick
    Quick Quick
    I met another Funster and he said that I looked nothing like my previous profile picture. So, I have updated it, in order to be recognised.
  4. Beacons
    Beacons Brian and Jo
    Hi .just reading your thread and I see I'm on reserve list I did post on page 2 that we would like to come but then after you asked for our names I posted again I think page 5 I'm not causing a fuss but a bit dissapointed but I'm sure
    A lot can change by then .best wishes Jan & Mike. (No offense meant)
  5. Rivets21
    At home looking for our next trip away in the MH
  6. mike mcglynn
    mike mcglynn Snowbird
    Hello Dave, I have added to your piece re. Byrnes Chippy
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  7. Johnwildgoose
    Anyone have any good ideas for places to park around the jurassic coast area?
  8. Jo n Steve
    Jo n Steve canopus
    Lovely meeting you this evening & thanks so much for the sticker!
  9. hillbilly 1
    hillbilly 1 runrig
    Hi Sheila,
    Just getting back to you regarding your ok comment on your message Mar 29.
    I don't appear on any list but could you put me down for 1 Hog Roast please.
  10. Mike Rivers
    Mike Rivers
    Waiting for delivery of our new Bailey 75-2.
  11. pondfairy
    pondfairy REKERLY
    alfie asked me to meet at tescos at 5 i am there waiting. will be over to pick you up asap. pip
  12. Blue di
    Blue di
    Hi touring at the moment and enjoying !
  13. Bodger
    Happy camper
  14. FishinComfort
    Loving the idea of having my own MH: the freedom - and travelling in style :-)
  15. Dordognefr
    newbies in France
  16. KatieD
    Adventure before dementia!
  17. reg addey
  18. Jenka
    Jenka Kaycole
    Hello Kaycole x
  19. Migrateur
  20. Flyer
    Not happy!