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  1. Jim Dowd
    Jim Dowd
    9 months of being an owner 1991 transit base loving it going to make full use of the van this year with a view to upgrade to a newer one.
  2. Portland
    Portland Bob and Phyllis
    Hi both
    We are now at Tafraoute. Weather mixed, my email address is
    June took a bad fall today and if no better in the morning I will try find a medical centre ,Doctors so may be moving on.
    Enjoy yourselves. Derek
    1. Bob and Phyllis
      Bob and Phyllis
      Hi folks have just sent you a wee email. Weather cloudy but dry.
      Feb 24, 2017 at 4:23 PM
  3. Dognewf
    Dognewf The Cruisers
    try facebook page Scottish Motorhome Wildcampers
  4. Madcaravanner
    NOW know we should have Maxine by end of March
  5. Beakster
  6. Beakster
    Check out what we're up to
  7. Beakster
  8. Adrenalincek
    Adrenalincek makems
    I had an injection problem on my hymer 2001 & nobody in Agadir seems to know how to fix it. Car is now in Agadir since monday.
    I tried to ring Mustafa as suggested, but he seems to have another nr., i also can not find given address. Does sbd. Have updated info? Please
  9. Liver birds
    Liver birds
    We are Gail,Helen,Susie and Shankley the cat he looks after his ladies and we look after him.
  10. Cooldude
  11. Cooldude
  12. Mark33
  13. The Happy Feet
    The Happy Feet
    Hello any recommendations a campsite where we can cycle, pop into a Town. Its Easter Weekend 12th- 16th. 2hr drive from Essex will suffice
  14. Adrian Battersby
    Adrian Battersby
    Can anyone help me out please? I need the w/l/h dimensions of our Hymer Classic C644 (rear lounge)
  15. runrig
    runrig SUGGY
    ok no probs, we r having hog roast again £4.20 per person, don't forget your guitar lol xx
  16. runrig
    runrig SUGGY
    Hi Graham & Rosie,
    Hope you are having a good time, just want to know if you will be coming to Misterton this year 23rd to 25th June, you are on my list. Can you please let me know xxxxx
    1. SUGGY
      Yes please
      Feb 21, 2017 at 11:47 AM
  17. apm101
    apm101 JEB
    Hi chap- can you give a width for Doris, please? Many thanks!
  18. movingforward
    San Francisco movers services
  19. Ant from the new forest
    Ant from the new forest
    We're looking for a quiet dog friendly site near or in St Malo - any suggestions.
  20. tgee
    "the destination is not important, it's the journey that counts" Mao Tse-Tung